Forgotten Realms: The Rogues, The Priests

The Rogues and The Priests were two series of books set in the Forgotten Realms setting (as you might guess, there were also series called The Warriors and The Wizards, but I didn’t write for them). Each book in the series is a standalone, making these great entries to one of the most beloved worlds in fantasy.

Mistress of the Night
with Dave Gross

Forgotten Realms: The Priests, Book 2 (Wizards of the Coast, 2004)

A rivalry as old as Faerun…Since the dawn of time, the faiths of Selune, goddess of the moon, and Shar, goddess of night, have clashed.

Among the great temples of Yhaunn, a dread premonition seizes the high priestess of Selune. Her only ally is Feena, a country priestess who carries the Moonmaiden’s special gift—she is a werewolf. But in Moonshadow Hall, Feena’s blessing may prove a curse.

In the low places of Yhaunn, a painful certainty grips a young scion of a great house. Keph Thingoleir knows that his only chance to escape his family lies with a source of dark power—the cult of the Mistress of the Night. But how much is Keph willing to sacrifice?

When souls are at stake and ancient secrets rise, faith alone may prove a fragile shield in Faerun’s oldest battle.

The Yellow Silk

Forgotten Realms: The Rogues, Book 4 (Wizards of the Coast, 2004)

He told stories.

He told even more lies.

He told people what they wanted to hear.

He told himself he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

He told the mysterious stranger from Shou Lung that he’d help him.

He told the most dangerous man in Altumbel that he would deliver a fortune in gems.

He should have kept his mouth shut.