The Dragon Below Trilogy

In the war-torn world of Eberron, a forgotten force of madness is stirring. It reaches out from its ancient prison, searching for freedom that will bring chaos and destruction—unless three unlikely heroes, swept up in its power, can stop it. The Dragon Below was my first trilogy and sees the introduction of my most popular character, Geth.

The Binding Stone

Eberron: The Dragon Below, Book 1 (Wizards of the Coast, 2005)

In Eberron, there are terrors older than the nations of men.

A chance rescue brings bitter rivals together. With a mysterious ally, the two warriors embark on a mission of vengeance, but the enemy waiting for them in the depths of the Shadow Marches is far more sinister than any they’ve faced before.

The Grieving Tree

Eberron: The Dragon Below, Book 2 (Wizards of the Coast, 2006)

For three heroes, the past is about to come back to hunt them

A renegade warrior, a mystic exile, and a magic-wielding soldier are on the run. Their enemies are closing in. Some want to control them, some want to rob them, and others just want them dead.

In a land of monsters and renegades, their one hope for survival may be an ancient device of evil, the long-lost Grieving Tree….

The Killing Song

Eberron: The Dragon Below, Book 3 (Wizards of the Coast, 2007)

Sealed away for ages, a forgotten horror reaches out for new power.

Three heroes know the danger. In a city of towers, a tormented mystic and a soldier-wizard try to thwart a monstrous scheme. In shadowed marshes, a disgraced warrior summons an ancient sect to battle.

The thrilling conclusion to The Dragon Below trilogy!