Legacy of Dhakaan Trilogy

The Legacy of Dhakaan is the sequel trilogy to The Dragon Below. It follows Geth, Ashi, and Ekhaas to the hobgoblin nation of Darguun on an adventure that delves into the ancient history and potential future of the Goblin races in Eberron. (It may also be my favourite work to date!)

The Doom of Kings

Edberron: Legacy of Dhakaan, Book 1 (Wizards of the Coast, 2008)


Darguun. Nation of goblins. Built on the vision of a single warlord, Lhesh Haruuc.

But Lhesh Haruuc grows old, and Darguun threatens to tear itself apart. With the help of Geth, a lordless shifter, he’ll seek an ancient relic with which he can unite his people.

Treachery and the machinations of the dragonmarked houses are already tearing at his rule. Will the legacy of ancient glories be enough to save a nation’s future?

The beginning of a thrilling tale of empire, betrayal, and power by the author of the acclaimed Dragon Below trilogy!

Word of Traitors

Eberron: Legacy of Dhakaan, Book 2 (Wizards of the Coast, 2009)

Darguun. Heir to an empire long fallen. Forged anew in the fires of the Last War and held together by the iron will of Lhesh Haruuc.

But Lhesh Haruuc is dead, assassinated by a warrior sworn to serve him. His trusted inner circle suspects more than treachery. Something darker is at work. As Darguun’s ancient enemies stoke the flames of a new war and the Five Nations vie for power and influence, the fate of an entire nation rests in the hands of a few desperate heroes.

A thrilling tale of empire, betrayal, and power by the author of the acclaimed Dragon Below trilogy!

The Tyranny of Ghosts

Eberron: Legacy of Dhakaan, Book 3 (Wizards of the Coast, 2010)


Darguun. A nation forged out of the fires of war. Brought together under the wisdom of Lhesh Haruuc, now bound by the charisma of Lhesh Tariic.

But Lhesh Tariic is bound by the powers of the Emperors of Dhakaan, manifest in the influential artifact, the Rod of Kings. With the dominance of the rod in hand, Tariic plans to lead his fledgling kingdom into battle and gain more land, more glory, more power—whatever the cost.

But the Empire of Dhakaan has left behind one more artifact, a force to bring doom to the goblin king… if only the heroes of Darguun can find it.