About Don

Don Bassingthwaite is the author of numerous fantasy and dark fantasy novels. His latest books are The Yellow Silk, Mistress of the Night (co-authored with Dave Gross), and the books of The Dragon Below trilogy: The Binding Stone, The Grieving Tree, and The Killing Song.

Don lives with his partner in Toronto, surrounded by gadgets, spice jars, and too many books.

No, I don’t normally refer to myself in the third person. That’s the official author bio from the back of my most recent books. You want some other trivia?

  • I’m a fan of the serial comma.
  • I’m a huge fan of breakfast cereal.
  • I own one (and only one) stuffed animal — a Highland cow from Edinburgh named “Ewan MooGregor.”
  • I love Edinburgh and London — other large cities visited in the UK include Bath and Plymouth. I’ve also been to Cheddar where I ate a really good cheese sandwich.
  • I like cheese, especially hard and blue cheeses (Mmmm. Stilton.).
  • I look terrible in hats with the exception (for unknown reasons) of a few ball caps of particular colour and design.
  • I look good in rugby shirts, but don’t really own any as I neither play rugby nor follow the sport enough to feel honest buying the shirt of any particular team.
  • I don’t play or follow soccer either, but that didn’t stop me from choosing a “shirt team” in the last World Cup, wearing their shirt, and cheering for them in pubs. Go Netherlands!
  • To quote Paul S. Kemp, “Mmm. Beer.”
  • I have seriously considered buying a kilt. Update March 2008: The kilt has been bought!
  • Kilt, cow, and fondness for Edinburgh aside, I’m not Scottish.

More to come, I’m sure!