My first endorsement

by Don ~ August 18th, 2008. Filed under: Interesting.

Not an endorsement of The Doom of Kings or anything (although that would be nice!) — no, something nice I said about a book has been used in public and attributed to me, so I would call that an endorsement. Ooo, I feel like I’ve hit the big leagues.

Seriously, this is kind of cool and the book in question is very good. You may recall my mentioning a while back that I’ve had a freelance gig writing catalogue copy for my old day job and that one of the books I’d just written copy for was REALLY amazing. Well, this is that book. As a lark, I included an endorsement from “Don Bassingthwaite, author of The Doom of Kings” and it was actually used. Go me!

Plus I can now tell you about the book: Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston. Visit the site to see my quote, but I’ll tell you here that this a really tremendous and fun book. It’s targeted for teen readers but it’s so well executed I’d tell adult readers with a taste for things Faerie to pick it up as well. Definitely look for it (in both Canada and the US) this December.

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