Positive comments from the Beezer Review

by Don ~ August 16th, 2008. Filed under: News.

Anyone interested in thoughtful, critical reviews of fantasy novels should check out The Beezer Review — the host, BeezerMN, is both thorough and constructive.

You should also go visit his site because he’s just reviewed The Doom of Kings and given it a coveted 5 out of 5 stars! Check out the review here.

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  1. Beezer

    Thanks for the plug, Mr. Bassingthwaite. (Ha, I spelled that write without looking this time!)

    Anyone that looks at my reviews knows I don’t give out a lot of 5 star reviews. In fact this is only the 24th 5-Star review I have done in 3+ years of reviewing. Hopefully that holds some weight.. maybe not though.

    Thanks also for the kidn comments on my reviews. I have always tried to be thoughttful and fair. In fact I started writing reviews for ‘readers’ because all to often the reviews I read seemed more like promotional material. Or the reviews like “This book rocks!” or “This book sux!”

    So to have an author appreciate my reviews is fantastic.

    Again thanks for the plug and for writing such an engaging book. Now, quite blogging and get back to writing!


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