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by Don ~ July 23rd, 2008. Filed under: News.

Hey – I just want offer a big hello to anyone who might be visiting the site via the link from the McNally Robinson interview/review of The Doom of Kings. If the book caught your eye, you’re thinking of buying it, and would like someone to discuss it with, you’ll want to head over to the forums at worldsofdnd.com.

The Doom of Kings will be the book club selection of the month — the discussions are great and book club thread is set up in sections so it’s safe to discuss as you read without running into spoilers. I’ll be hanging around there to answer questions as they come up.

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  1. versemicroverse

    Hey Don,

    Great interview!

    I will head over to the bookclub once the novel is released in August. Really looking forward to it and the return of Geth and Ashi. Your take on the hobgoblin empire and the culture and ethnicity of such folk is original and provocative.

    I’ve enjoyed the recent Eberron one-offs from Marsheila Rockwell, Jeff LaSala, and Paul Crilley but have missed work from the trilogy writers such as you, Matt, and Keith. I was disappointed to hear from Matt Forbeck that several of the writers had their projects discontinued.

    Check out my new site, if you get a chance.

    Catch you later!

    vmv (moonglum, stephen, et al)

  2. Andrew

    Hi Don,

    Your sample chapter for the book is up on the Wizards website:


    Looking forward to reuniting w/ the cast of the Dragon Below!

  3. Don

    Hey! Thanks for letting me know, Andrew!

    Stephen, if you liked what I did with hobgoblins in The Dragon Below, you’ll love Legacy of Dhakaan.


  4. Frank


    Looking forward to this book, loved the last series for Eberron. I’m about to grab the sample chapter and hope the boss doesn’t come walking past.

    So, if a fan were to paypal you $20, how likely might they be to see a signed paperback copy of the book show up on their doorstep someday? 😉


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