The Doom of Kings jacket copy

by Don ~ April 1st, 2008. Filed under: News.

For your browsing pleasure: the back jacket copy for The Doom of Kings, now finalized!


Darguun. Nation of goblins.
Built on the vision of a single warlord, Lhesh Haruuc.

But Lhesh Haruuc grows old, and Darguun
threatens to tear itself apart. With the help of Geth,
a lordless shifter, he’ll seek an ancient relic with which
he can unite his people.

Treachery and the machinations of the dragonmarked
houses are already tearing at his rule. Will the legacy of
ancient glories be enough to save a nation’s future?

The beginning of a thrilling tale of empire, betrayal,
and power by the author of the acclaimed
Dragon Below trilogy!

“This guy can write . . . Don Bassingthwaite has
created an easily accessible series with plenty of action
and great personalities. Fun and engrossing.”

— Pat Ferrara,

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  1. Paul S. Kemp

    Very nice. Congrats, Don.

  2. DragonReader

    Cool. Can’t wait for August

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