Joy of Google

by Don ~ January 15th, 2008. Filed under: Bizarre, Musings.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the Google Ad Word matches that come up on sites can be just bit… inappropriate? Or rather that sometimes they’re just too appropriate? Google Ad Words are those ad links that show up on a page (usually over on the right) that use page content to generate a set of ads based on relevant keywords.

Sometimes, the keyword matching can be a little off. Amusingly off. Here’s the example that prompted the post:

The page is a Darwin Award 2007 item about a man who died of alcohol poisoning after taking a 3 litre sherry enema. The headlines on the Google ad links are:

  • Colonics Made Easy
  • Stop Drinking Excessively
  • No More Hangovers

If you spot any other amusing ones, pass them along!

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