Point of trivia

by Don ~ December 18th, 2007. Filed under: Interesting.

Okay – Google has failed me and I turn to anyone reading the blog who might know the answer to this. We were at an 80’s party at a club over the weekend and they played a looping sequence of iconic 80’s images on various monitors: Family Ties, Facts of Life, Grace Jones, Punky Brewster, Boy George, etc. Most of them we knew but there’s one that stumped us. Does anyone remember a CD cover/poster of twin (or close to twin women) with big 80’s hair, leather mini dresses, and red boxing gloves? We think it’s a band. Who is it??

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  1. Kameron

    Blondes? Bananarama? I remember they had a video where they were boxing. There was a third member of that group, though.

  2. Don

    Nope, definitely not Bananarama – but thanks! I have an answer (see next post).

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