Spider-man 3

by Don ~ April 26th, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Hey-hey! I scored a free pass to an advance screening of Spider-man 3 tonight!

Wait, I got the emphasis wrong. Try that again. “Hey-hey! I scored a free pass to an advance screening of Spider-man 3 tonight!”

And good thing it was free. Wow. I wouldn’t pay full price for that. Not a well-written script (plot holes you could drive a truck through), not very well-acted (just not believable), and not well directed — the action scenes that should have wowed me were too fast to appreciate. Slow it down, guys!

I can’t even say the effects were impressive because they’re not eye-popping enough to stand on their own anymore. They really need more to support them. My own fault I suppose — I should have remembered that I didn’t like Spider-man 2 either.

There were bright spots (Bruce Campbell delivers a funny scene, Topher Grace has nice energy and attitude, and there’s a dance number that is as fun as the rest of the movie should have been), but not nearly enough of them.

One of my co-workers was there with her son. I hope he enjoyed it!

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  1. Kameron

    Did you like the first? I thought they progressively got better. Gotta figure the rule of sequels would strike eventually.

  2. Don

    I thought the first was good enough but at least part of that was seeing what spin they put on the story. 2 didn’t click with me, but I didn’t come out of it feeling like it was a waste of time — I could see how people might have liked it. With 3, I’m shaking my head in disbelief at hearing positives.

    One thing that hasn’t worked for me through the whole series is the CGI Spider-man — he feels really artificial. It might be that it’s hard to relate to the character when you can’t see his face at all. One thing you’ll notice when you see 3 (I don’t think this will be a spoiler for anybody) is that Venom’s “mask” peels back a few times so you can see Eddie’s face when he’s talking to Spider-man. I’m certain this was deliberate so audiences react more to the character (and Venom has a more expressive face than Spider-man to start with).

    Come to think of it, Spider-man’s mask is either off or strategically ripped at crucial times, too. Same thing? Probably.

  3. Don

    Okay, the movie’s out and presumably more people have seen it. Anybody want to agree/disagree with me that it was a waste of time?

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