What’s been happening?

by Don ~ January 13th, 2016. Filed under: Interesting.

So you may have noticed that not a lot has changed on the site recently. That’s mostly because there hasn’t been much to update it with. All of my social traffic has been going through Twitter (@dbassingthwaite) or Facebook.

There will be some new stuff happening soon: I have a collection coming out later in 2016! More on that soon!

My books for Wizards of the Coast are now all out of print but they are for the most part available as ebooks and audiobooks. For ebooks, hit your favourite vendor – for the audiobooks, go to Audible.com or the iTunes store. In response to one of the most common questions I tend to get, I’m afraid there are unlikely to be any more novels following the adventures of Geth and company as Wizards of the Coast isn’t developing any more Eberron novels (at least to the best of my knowledge!). At least my Books page is now complete with all my published novels and short stories.

Please feel free to stop by whenever you want, to contact me (button above), or to follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you want to stay up to date on anything new. Thanks for stopping by.

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