My Mexican Doppelganger!

by Don ~ March 19th, 2010. Filed under: Bizarre.

We got a call from friends last night that we had to watch CBC’s The National for a story about K’Naan and his song “Waving Flag.” Not because of the artist (who is inspiring) or the song (which is great) or the story (which is good), but because of a Mexican radio DJ interviewed in the segment.

Who looks exactly like me! I mean, really like me. Slightly darker complexion, longer hair, but otherwise exactly like me right down to about the right age. It was eerie — we ended up going back and watching the bit over and over for 15 minutes. It’s freakish.

The DJ wasn’t identified in the video, but after some googling, I’m pretty certain that it’s Mauro Hernandez, a host on EXA-FM in Mexico City. The picture on the radio station’s website is old but I managed to confirm it by digging up a Twitter feed. Hey Mauro, put up a more recent picture–I think you’re aging well!

Here’s the CBC story–Mauro’s on at about the 10 minutes mark. I’ll have to scrounge up a photo of myself to post for comparison.

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