by Don ~ November 13th, 2009. Filed under: News.

The fine folks at The Dungeon’s Master, the same blog that reviewed The Word of Traitors, did an interview with me a while ago. They’ve got the text transcript up now — go over and have a read (part 1 | part 2 | part 3 coming soon)!

(It is a pretty accurate transcription, but it might be the first time I’ve seen text of what comes out of my mouth. Wow, and everybody says they find the sound of their own voice weird!)

Just in case you haven’t heard it, BTW, The Word of Traitors is #3 on the Locus Game-Related Bestseller list for November. Hurray! More when I can get my hands on an actual copy.

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  1. Tremaine

    Hi Don grats on you bestseller 😉

    this is Tremaine over from worlds and thought you might be interested in this topic

    i have to check out you top 10 books I recently read joe Abercrombie and thought he was brilliant and scott lynch comes a close second

    I read Paul Kidd and he didn’t do it for me might because I’m not a gamer 😉 anyway did you read his realm novel think it;s called council of blades think you like it if you like his other novels

    off to read you interview now

    take care

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