Reviewers gush for novelization – is this an alternate universe?

by Don ~ October 18th, 2009. Filed under: Musings.

Timed smack up against the opening of Where the Wild Things are comes The Wild Things, Dave Egger’s adaptation of the screenplay that he co-wrote. In other words, a novelization. A tie-in. Wow. Should we wait for the shunning, the calls of “hack” to begin?

Of course not. With utter predictability, mainstream reviewers are wetting themselves in their rush to talk about the book. Is it as good as they say it is? That’s not the point (and in fact some reviewers point out flaws, so it appears Eggers is human after all). If this was anyone else and probably any other movie, The Wild Things wouldn’t get the time of day. I hope they’ll remember this the next time they glance at a novelization and dismiss it out of hand.

Just one snippet from a reviewer that struck at me: “Eggers’ Wild Things expands Sendak’s story with additional depth and detail, and the depictions of the monsters and their antics are truly imaginative and have piqued my interest in the cinematic version.” Umm… yes, because that’s what ALL good tie-ins do.

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