Outstanding review!

by Don ~ October 3rd, 2009. Filed under: News.

A review of Word of Traitors has gone up over at the blog dungeonsmaster.com for one heck of a ringing endorsement!

“Word of Traitors is a great Eberron story and an all around great novel. If you’ve followed these characters through Bassingthwaite’s Dragon Below trilogy and The Doom of Kings then you’ll be very happy when you read this book. The story just keeps getting better and better.”

You might want to be warned that there is a brief and mostly spoiler-free summary of the book included, but it’s separate from the review and if you cross your eyes and blindly scroll about halfway down the page (to the word Review in bold), you should be fine.

Something else I should let people know in the context of the reference to the Dragon Below is that the trilogy is now unfortunately out of print (boo!). However, I’ve got a fair number of copies available so if you haven’t read The Binding Stone, The Grieving Tree, or The Killing Song, I can hook you up.

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  1. Chadwick Ginther

    That’s a great review. I loved Word of Traitors, as you know. It’s a shame that the Dragon Below trilogy has gone out of print. Maybe there is hope with all the bind up omnibus editions Wizards is doing…

  2. josh s.

    I couldn’t agree more that this is one of the best books I have ever read! Mr Bassingthwaite is an AMAZING author. I can’t wait to see what he writes next after Tyranny!

  3. Mia Z

    Out of print. Doh. Well that solves the question of the comment I wrote about an hour back…

    Luckily for me I decided to get Kobo for my iTouch and obtain the 3rd book this way.

    What a fucking waste though, an awesome trilogy going out of print.

  4. Don

    Ah! Sadly yes, The Dragon Below books are out of print but at least Kobo has them (I got an iPhone not long ago and Kobo is my preferred store on that!). If you’re looking to complete your print collection, though, send me an email – I do have some stock of The Dragon Below books available for sale.

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