Word of Traitors bonus feature!

by Don ~ September 30th, 2009. Filed under: News.

Wizards of the Coast has just posted wallpapers for Word of Traitors — you can download them here (BTW, check out their redesigned website while you’re at it!). Cooler than the wallpaper in my opinion, however, is the bonus content that is on the same page and unfortunately didn’t get a proper explanation.

The Prologue that you’ll find on the same page is not actually part of the finished book, but it made it almost all the way through the editing process. In The Dragon Below trilogy, each book started with a brief summary of events in the previous book. I thought I’d try something different in the Word of Traitors. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and we went with the summary instead, but here you see what might have been: a recap of the final scene of The Doom of Kings from the point of view of Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat’kor. Enjoy!

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  1. Chadwick Ginther

    Very cool Don. Neat to see things from Haruuc’s POV.

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