Catching up

by Don ~ September 26th, 2009. Filed under: News.

Wow, summer flies by. I looked and realized I hadn’t done a proper update since the beginning of July (I blame Twitter), then I looked again and realized that last time I looked it was the beginning of September and now it’s almost the end. Ack.

So what’s been happening. Well, the big news is, of course, that Word of Traitors is out! Woo-hoo!! You can read a sample chapter at, then you should run out (or click over to Amazon or something) and buy the book right now.

There are a couple of bits of added content coming to soon (hopefully) — they’re fun and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when they’re up.

What else? Part of the reason I’m so late in posting is that I’ve been working hard on the draft of the third Legacy of Dhakaan book, The Tyranny of Ghosts. The draft has been finished, gone to the editor, gotten some great feedback, and is now being revised. It will be all wrapped up in the next few weeks. No news yet that I can reveal on next projects unfortunately!

Other than that, it’s been a series of fun and weirdness lately. A broken water main in front of our house that led to the entire street (admittedly a very short street) being dug up ahead of schedule to replace an ancient lead water main (How old was it? Nobody actually knew — estimates on its installation ranged from the 40’s to the 20’s and maybe older). Labour Day weekend was a whirlwind tour of Boston, Provincetown (I recommend Art’s Dune Tours), and Salem (where┬áI highly recommend the Peabody Essex Museum and, though it may not be particularly historical, the Salem Beer Works — check out this list of brews! I regret I only had time for one). I hit a round number birthday this year (and to the people who say “30,” bless you) and got a new Sony Reader as a gift, so I’m plunging into ebooks. And one of the cats decided to pee in the bedroom closet. Thanks.

That’s the highlights. I’ll be back with more news soon hopefully — with luck before another 3 months pass!

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  1. Jeff LaSala

    Been to Salem many times now (and going again in 2 weeks), including the Peabody Essex Museum!

  2. Cam Rawls

    This is the next book on my list after I finish the Warhammer 40k Eisenhorn trilogy.

    I have enjoyed many of your novels and look forward to continuing the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy with Word of Traitors.

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