Pass the Rolaids

by Don ~ December 27th, 2008. Filed under: Musings.

Ooo… home from Christmas visiting and my indigestion is flaring up. I promised myself I wouldn’t overeat this year and I think I mostly managed but I still probably over did it on the sweets. I can’t resist some of the annual goodies that my mother and grandmother make. Plus I got my annual serving of Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. So good.

It was a good year. Got some things for the kitchen (fancy nonstick cookie sheet from Williams Sonoma plus a couple of nice bamboo cutting boards), some clothes, some interesting booze (including a very intriguing Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Finish beer that I’m looking forward to trying and a tasting set of Glenfiddich), and a few other oddments that I’ll enjoy.

I did not, unfortunately, get a new bottle of Rolaids in my stocking. Tomorrow will hold time for a quick run to the drug store (after a run to the gym).

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