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by Don ~ November 27th, 2008. Filed under: Interesting.

This is a good month coming up for books. Not that there aren’t lots of good books coming out for the shopping frenzy, but there are four specifically that I’m looking forward to. You’ve all heard me rave about Lesley Livingston‘s Wondrous Strange (and I’m not the only one now — go to the site for more advance praise) and if you’re shopping for a teen girl this season, I urge you to buy it for them. The conclusion of Brent Weeks‘s Night Angel trilogy, Beyond the Shadows, is out as well. Marvel of marvels, Orbit has released the three volumes back to back. If you like gritty fantasy, you have absolutely no reason not to jump right into this series. It’s brilliant.

However, there are two books that I’ve been waiting for┬áspecifically. One is Paul Kemp‘s Shadowrealm, the conclusion of his Twilight War trilogy for the Forgotten Realms setting. I really want to see where he’s taking this story! The other is Bruce Cordell‘s Plague of Spells, also a Forgotten Realms novel and first in the Abolethic Sovereignty trilogy. This one I’ve been looking forward to because, sadly, I’ve never actually read one of Bruce’s novels but I’m a fan of his game design and especially the Cthuluesque spin he puts on fantasy. Plague of Spells, with its focus on the creepy elder D&D monsters called aboleths, is just too intriguing to resist!

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  1. Paul Kemp


    I hope you enjoy Shadowrealm. I’m happy with it and hope everyone else is, too. :-)


  2. Bruce R Cordell

    Heh, Paul beat me to the punch. Google Alerts, you’ve failed me!!!!

    Oh, yes, and I hope you also enjoy Plague of Spells. Free download of first chapter at Wizards today, actually.


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