Enemies close and sources closer

by Don ~ November 19th, 2008. Filed under: Musings.

Okay, this is a broad appeal for information. I’ve got an interesting scrap of information scribbled down in my notebook but no accompanying note about where I found it. Or if I made it up, but I don’t think I did.

Anyway, I’m now looking for a little more information, but I can’t find the source of my wee note anywhere. I’ve searched the web in every combination of keywords I can think of and haven’t come up wiith anything. Can anyone tell me if there was a carmaker in the 1930s called Johnson and if they made a car called the Johnson Burner 30 (the 30 may be a year or just a number, I’m not sure now)? It was a rather luxurious car, meant to be chauffeured with room in the back for 2 but a boot/trunk that could be folded down into a table or removed to make additional backward-facing seats. The wheel wells were semi-covered.

It’s all this information that makes me fairly certain I didn’t pull the thing entirely out of my imagination!

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